Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nurse White

This is a digital painting I did of another City of Heroes Character. The person specifically asked for a similar pose and wanted it to be playful and sexy. Anyway, I tried to capture those qualities in the image.

The painting was done in PhotoShop CS2 using a Wacom tablet. It took about 2.5 hours to complete.

This image, like the one below, was done mainly for the pupose of trying to decide how long an average piece will take to complete. I am trying to get a feel for time so I can start devising a payment schedule for doing commissions. I don't want to charge so much that people will not want to commission me, but I don't want to charge so little that I don't feel the price is worth my time. And so, by knowing what I can do given a certain amount of time I am better able to compile a price list for different projects.

Anyway, I think I my style lends it's self nicely to comic characters since I seem to have a more cartoonish style when I am working fast and from memory. Anyway, here is to hoping that I am able to make some extra cash on the side doing commissions...

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